10 stage checklist to getting back into shape 24/3/15



Like I mentioned in Friday’s post…

The problem with getting back into shape for a lot of people

Isn’t knowledge (Or lack of)

^^^ Sometimes it is…

But often it’s the practical application side of things that lets people down

So I’ve put together a very ‘practical’ checklist for you here

Something that you can work through

One step at a time if necessary

(Do it for a few weeks until it becomes habit and then build upon it)

Until you’re doing everything that needs to be done 

To get back into the body that you desire


If you do all of these things at once, then I promise you’ll get amazing results

But I understand that’s a lot to take on board

Especially if you have kids, a full time job, a house to run etc. etc. etc.

So certainly if you do some of them, you’ll see great progress.

And you can then improve and add to it as you go.

Take imperfect action!

Here goes:

One – 

Get a good breakfast. Sounds simple, but often not done.

Two – 

Increase protein intake – Base every meal that you eat around a good source of Protein. There was a list of things to choose from in Friday’s email. 

Three – 

Dramatically reduce Carbohydrate intake. That’s sugar - fizzy drinks, sweets, a lot of ‘shop brought‘ sauces, honey, excessive fruit etc. Also bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cereal etc. Wholemeal doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

Four –

Eliminate processed junk food. Anything with long, unknown ingredients lists.

Five – 

Start exercising at least 3 times a week, following a proven exercise program.

Six – 

Get AT LEAST 7 hours sleep a night and de-stress as much as possible

Seven – 

Drink a litre of water per 4 stone of bodyweight

Eight – 

Get into a habit of taking a few health supplements. Omega 3, a greens drink, Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium, Glutamine, Green tea extract. There a few which are REALLY IMPORTANT

Nine – 

Add a portion of green veg to every meal that you eat: Spinach, Rocket, Kale, Watercress, Asparagus, Broccoli, Green beans etc.

Ten – 

Be consistent - This speaks for itself! Do what you should be doing and do it all of the time. Don’t expect overnight success. Persevere and success will follow.

Eleven (Brucey bonus) -

Accept ‘getting in shape’ as a full time thing – No matter how many of the points from this checklist you’re currently doing, no matter how quickly you’re getting results. 

There are NO quick fix solutions that work long term; you have to adopt these habits as permanent lifestyle changes.

(As scary as that sounds, it’s not that big-a-deal)

There you have it!

Simplified and easy to follow.

Do all of these things, one at a time if necessary and check them off as they become a full time habit.

(There are really just 9 to check off)

If it’s not something that you’re doing consistently, then don’t check it off yet.

Consistency = At least 90% of the time.

And once you’ve got these things dialled in, then we can then home in on the finer details.

And if you think that you’ll benefit from:

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Have a great day!

Tom :)



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