At TK Total Fitness we have the perfect package to suit your weight loss and toning goals.


Whether it's a one off monthly package to get you in shape for that special event. Or whether you are committed to join us for the long term and a

change of lifestyle for the better, we can help!

-  With Personal Trainer Cambridge

Click ->here<- to apply to work with us and talk about potentially getting signed-up to one of our programmes.


Monday - 6.25-7.15AM / 9.40-10.30AM / 6.10-7.00PM

Tuesday - 6.25-7.15AM

Wednesday - 6.25-7.15AM /

9.40-10.30AM / 6.10-7.00PM

Thursday - 6.25-7.15AM

Friday - 6.25-7.15AM / 9.40-10.30AM /


Saturday - 7.25-8.15AM

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Early morning and evening:

Coleridge Community College

Radegund Rd, Cambridge. CB1 3RJ


Flamsteed Road, 

Cambridge. CB1 3QU