But it tastes disgusting, she said

I’m going to let you in on a little secret today!

One that I usually save exclusively for clients

In fact, they probably get super bored with hearing me harping on about this all the time

(But until I KNOW every single one of them does it, I shall keep harping)

The benefits of this are MASSIVE, and that’s why I’d like to share it with today

I’m talking about ‘greens drinks’ 

(Cue the sigh of despair from existing clients)

You may or may not have heard of these

There’s quite a few ‘brands’ out there

But they’re basically just a green powder that you buy, mix with water and consume

It’s like getting a s**t ton of vegetables and superfoods, chucking them in a blender and knocking them back in one

And the health benefits are AMAZING

I cross my heart promise that you’ll find this stuff well worth taking

Benefits include (but are not limited to):

Increased immunity

Improved digestion

Improved energy 

Faster results

A better PH balance <- Won’t go into too much detail on that, but they are alkalising - Helping in neutralising some of the acidity caused by a modern day lifestyle and metabolic processes.

Please remember that the end goal in ‘all of this’ is always to be healthy!

Visible results are just a side effect of improved health

It’s holistic!

Seriously if there’s one change you make this month towards ‘being healthier’ (and getting in better shape), make it this one

Thing is…

A lot of them don’t taste good.

Hence the subject line of this email

See me personally… I couldn’t care less!

But I know a lot of people do

So you’ve got a couple of options

One – Take capsules

Two – Take a flavoured version

A lot of the flavoured versions you buy are sweetened with artificial sweeteners though 

Namely ‘sucralose’

This one isn’t -> http://www.dolphinfitness.co.uk/en/phd-nutrition-greens-ph-7-330g/35547

So I’d go for that!

If you’re going to go for the unflavoured version or the capsules then get this one here ->


Whether or not you take these is entirely up to you of course! 

But I PROMISE you will feel the benefits of these if you start taking them regularly 

I’m not a sales rep for these… I don’t get commission

In fact it makes no difference to me directly at all whether you take them or not


But as I like to know that I’m doing my bit

In improving people’s health... and ultimately happiness

Then I thought I would let you know

Because I truly, first hand, feel the health benefits of these myself

And I know that my clients do to!

More details of exactly what they contain can be found following the links

And as always… In order to see the benefits, you have to be consistent

Tom ‘drink green, get lean’ Kynaston

PS. No real PS on this one to be honest

We’ve still got a few limited spaces left for our trial week starting on the 7th of Aril, but you already knew that

Click here to check out the deets and apply -> http://www.feelfitcamp.co.uk/

Reckon they’ll be gone in the next couple of days

Have a great weekend!


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