Fitness Camp

Training sessions take place between Radegund road and Flamsteed road in Cambridge (CB1) and the session times are as follows:

Monday - 6:25-7:15am, 9:40-10:30am, 6:10-7pm

Tuesday - 6:25-7:15am

Wednesday - 6:25-7:15am, 9:40-10:30am, 6:10-7pm

Thursday - 6:25-7:15am

Friday - 6:25-7:15am, 9:40-10:30am, 6:10-7pm 

Saturday - 7:25-8:15am

All applicants MUST be able to attend at least 3 sessions per week, mixing between the times stated above as necessary.

This programme will be perfect for someone

with a little experience in exercise but just not

seeing the results that they currently desire.

Please note that we genuinely only desire to work with a very select type of person.

Please DON'T apply for this programme if the below statements apply:

- Aren't prepared to get to every session possible.

- Aren't prepared to make changes to nutrition as necessary.

- Aren't prepared to regularly work outside of comfort zone and stops when 'it get's hard'

Group personal training
Cambridge Pesonal Trainer

(Ability is irrelevant as we have exercises to suit all fitness levels and capabilities. Effort isn't)

- Aren't prepared to accept this as the start of something bigger. A lifestyle change and NOT a quick fix.

- Aren't prepared to ask questions when unsure, or asks questions but takes no action upon advice given.

- Doesn't work well around other people in a group environment.

We're not a gym!


We don't just provide a space to exercise, we provide a service to results.

We fully expect our clients to work as closely as is necessary with us in order to achieve the results that they desire.

We're simply outlining what will be expected in order to aid any decisions made towards applying for a place and to help predetermine potential eligibility.

Any additional details can be found on the next page.