Fish and a Rice-cake 24/3/15



Please tell me you’ve seen this!

If you haven’t then check it out here -> 


















(It’s only about a minute long)

And I’m sure you’ll find it as funny as I do

I love how much he has to think about a few of the meals




Surely he could of just said




'I eat every 2 hours from 8am, alternating between fish and fish & a rice-cake'

Gets me thinking though

This is the EXACT way that people believe they must eat in order to lose weight



Same old shiz

Like a robot!

Doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be that way… At all!

Granted there needs to be some sort of regulation on what you’re eating

For some of the time

But you can enjoy plenty of variation and flexibility also

Forget about exact meal timings 

Forget about chicken salads 2/3 times a day

Base each meal around a quality source of protein:



Fish (and a rice cake) ;P



Protein powder





And accompany it with vegetables

And sometimes fruits

Nothing complicated or boring about that

And it works

Get a few healthy fats in aswell:


Coconut oil


And that’s the basis of your nutrition plan:

Minimise starchy carbs

Up Protein and Fat

Keep it simple… keep it varied.

And if you need to…

Do one of those things at a time… Until they become habit

And then build upon them


Easy on paper right?

You see it’s all well and good ‘knowing stuff’

I’ve come to realise that the main struggle in getting people to stick to what they should be doing isn’t lack of knowledge

But practical application

Actually doing the workouts

And making things as easy as possible to stick to nutrition wise

Whilst making sure that everything is still super effective

So that’s all I do

For you

And for me

I put my years of research and experience into creating what I believe to be the easiest and most simple system to effortlessly integrate into your life

Our time proven program ‘XR-2.1’

Designed with busy people in mind

Maybe not sooo passionate about exercise

But wanting to get into better shape

Without having to think about it too much

You’ve got until April to get on board one of our current packages as they are

After that they will change

Just click here for all the deets and your chance to get on our next free trial week ->

Tom ‘A ricecake and fish’ Kynaston

^^^ I’m out of control!


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