Husky Treatment 25/2/15


This idea could REALLY help you out!


My girlfriend started doing Fitness Camp the other week.


And she lives with me, so she’s got no choice but to get up when she’s doing the morning sessions




But last Friday she protested!


We were laughing about it cos it reminded us both of a video we find hilarious


(If you love dogs then you will too)


It’s basically a video of an owner trying to get his Husky to go into the kennel when he really doesn’t want to



























‘nnaaoooo’ ;)


The thing is though…


Sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind.


Do you have a partner, brother, mother, lover that could MAKE you get up to exercise in the morning?


How about someone that could hide all of the things around the house, that they know (and you know) you shouldn’t be eating


Wouldn’t that make things easier?!


Granted you may hate them temporarily


But in the long run you’ll thank em’ right?!


Enlist the help of your family and friends


Make them well aware of your intentions and get them to help you out as much as possible


Even when you don’t agree at the time.


If you’re SERIOUS about making changes to the way you look then this may be just what you need


TELL THEM to get you up in the mornings


TELL THEM to hide any crap food that they buy


TELL THEM to bug the hell out of you about doing your workouts




Do you know the number one reason why people that aren’t particularly motivated don’t get the results they want?


They lack accountability…


No-one to answer to!


So at Fitness Camp, aswell as showing you all of the correct exercises to do


And the right foods to eat


(And everything else you need to know)


I also hold you accountable to your workouts and results




So if you’re not attending sessions or getting your results in regularly, then I’ll want to know why


You may hate me for it short term


But you’ll thank me for it one day ;)


I hope!


Forgive and forget n’ all that!


Tom ‘Like Marmite’ Kynaston


PS. If you feel that you could benefit from this sort of accountability


Alongside being shown everything else you need to do to get AMAZING results


Then get on our next trial week at Fitness Camp on the 9th of March


All the details and the sign-up box can be found here ->


You’ll have to be quick though…


We are getting full!


6 more spaces in total for this one now


Hope to see you there


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