I guess I must be unprofessional 20/1/15


I'm sure you'll let me know if I'm out of line..


So I randomly got really ill over the weekend.


Massive headache, aching body, sore throat…


I thought I was going to be out for a few days


And then it just suddenly switched off Sunday afternoon and someone turned the lights on <- Forrest Gump reference anyone? ;)


So strange bearing in mind that I felt like I was going to die in the morning!


So I went to work and then to the gym… (Of course, I’m still in Thailand recovery mode)


And carrying on as normal always seems to prevent illness from amounting to anything, feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t.


Anyways, I was meant to have a consultation with a P.T. prospect in the afternoon. Which, because of illness I asked to postpone slightly?


I was told that she was ‘unimpressed with my professionalism’ which is fair enough I guess; She probably had somewhere to be. And I wasn’t where I said I would be, when I said I would be.


Anyways it got me thinking…


In order of importance; I mean in terms of what I do, professionalism isn’t very high up my list.


Please don’t think that I’m confusion professionalism with punctuality here though, I’m very rarely late! For anything ‘work’ related anyway. <- I use the term ‘work’ loosely, it’s a lifestyle business.


It’s just that particular message got the cogs turning.


So I just want to let you know what’s important to ME – As a trainer, as a coach, as whatever you want to call it... As Tom Kynaston:


1)       Getting my clients results – I need to say nothing more about that!


2)       Creating an environment that people feel comfortable to train in.


That doesn’t mean working with sparkling equipment and polished surfaces. I’m talking about creating a community where people can make friends, encourage each other and offer congratulations & be congratulated for each other achievements.


3)       Being a positive role model when it comes to fitness, healthy eating, staying in shape etc.


4)      Being real – I’m not a plastic P.T. that pretends to eat nothing but chicken salads or to never have a drink. I tell (and show) you how it is. I endeavour to prove to you that you can stay in shape whilst doing the things you love


5)      Making training as fun as possible


6)       …


7)       …


8)      Professionalism


And I don’t mean professionalism as in not respecting or appreciating my position. I’m not going to start spitting on the floor or doing wheel spins in the car park when I leave Fitness Camp don’t worry.


I just mean as far as polishing my Nike airs daily, ironing my collars, making sure my center parting is even and practicing my pronunciation every night – Professionalism is pretty far down the list.




And like I say this email has very little to do with what happened yesterday, it just provided the spark. It reminded me to remind you where my priorities lay.


Speaking of priorities our Trial Week is now over!


I’m now left only with the people that are really serious about getting results in 2015!


The people that are making it a PRIORITY!


My absolute favourite people to train!


Our next FREE trial week will be on the 9th of Feb ->




If what you’re currently doing isn’t working by then just let me know and I’ll save you a space to prove to you that we can get you to where you want to be.


If what you’re doing is working though, please let me know. I’d be interested to hear what people are up to this year :)


Anyways as always our spaces will fill fast so just let me asap if you’d like one.


Tom ‘it’s just the way I are’ Kynaston


Here's those deets again for all the action -> http://www.tkpt.co.uk/grouptraining/


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