I'm so glad you're normal 9/1/15


So I returned to training my One-On-One clients and my Fitness Camp members on Wednesday, after my 3 week holiday in Thailand.


When I was telling stories of too much rice and Chang <- A Thai beer… a strong Thai beer at that. One of my Fitness Camp said ‘Tom, I’m so glad you’re normal’ and that is bang on the money!


See a lot of people believe that in order to be in shape you have to eat chicken and broccoli 3/5 times a day, spend 2 hours slaving away on the treadmill 6 times a week, and never have any fun… ever!


Really not the case!


OK, So Fitness Model and Bodybuilder types maybe that extreme, but guess what?! Their lives are fucking boring!


I’m not that way inclined at all. I have no immediate plans to be a men’s health cover model or stand on stage in my pants anytime soon.


Maybe one day! ;)


But for now I enjoy the good times too much!


The biggest party they ever have is in their pants when they get a new delivery of Protein.


See this is what puts a lot of people off even attempting to get into shape in the first place.


They literally believe that they will have to give up every little pleasure they have in life and spend the rest of their days living like a robot!


^^^ NOPE!


Wanna know my EXACT objectives when it comes to training?


‘I stay in the best shape I can in the easiest way possible’


It’s that simple!


And that’s all that I want for you!


I don’t wake up at 5am on the weekends to go out for a run… I stay in bed, I’m lazy!


But I do what needs to be done the majority of the time which leaves me plenty of other time to go and ‘play’... Or chillax.


You see once you get the balance right on what you should and shouldn’t be doing your fat loss results will become effortless.


And a few weeks off will be easily undone because you’ll know the exact way to undo it and just slip back into routine (like I am now)


You DO have to know exactly what it is that works though AND execute it efficiently or the undoing won’t be so easy!


The thing is…


I’ve done that for you!


I’ve tried and tested numerous ways to eat and train, and most importantly how to practically apply those methods to a group training environment.


And titled the most successful training techniques XR-2.5 (The methods that we use now)


This shiz works! Check out our success stories ->here<-


So all you have to do is come to 3 x 45 minute sessions per week and follow some ridiculously easy nutrition guidelines.


No calorie counting and No stress!


Just a simple set of instructions that will allow the results to do the talking... So I’ll shut up now! ;)


All I’ll say is that our next trial week for Fitness Camp starts next Monday (the 12th of Jan)…


Do you want to learn the exact way to effortless Fat Loss and toning?


Then you would be crazy to miss this.


Just hit reply to this message with your name, number and morning/evening preference.


And let me know if you’d like to bring a friend/family member or work college along with you.


We’re now down to our final 5 spaces so be quick.


Speak soon :)


Tom ‘Luva Chang’ Kynaston


PS. Remember Fitness Camp runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 6:30-7:15am and 6:15-7pm. Always at this location ->here<-


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