Laying with my sausage in the sun 16/3/15


Or should I say my girlfriend’s sausage


Don’t worry she’s not had a secret op


I’m talking about her dachshund


The Maxster!


I just got back home and I feel absolutely shattered today


Weird Fitness Camp dreams have been haunting my sleep!


So I laid down in the sun to play with the snausage for a few minutes


And it reminded me to remind you of the importance of Vitamin D


See most people have heard of it


But alot of people don’t realise WHY it’s important


(Or how to get it)


So here’s how it goes:


Sunshine reacts with Cholesterol in your skin to produce Vit D


It can also be gotten from the diet or supplements


But to get enough from the diet is tough


And things are always best got the natural way


So exposing yourself to sunlight during the warmer months is uber important


Especially when you consider that up to 40% of the adult population are deficient in it


^^^ And that’s pretty serious!


Being as vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption


So if you don’t want to develop osteoporosis and other bone related problems


Then you need to be getting enough


On top of that Vit D improves insulin sensitivity


Meaning that your body can better manage sugar (carbohydrates)


And it makes you feel good and will speed up your results


Aswell as a whole host of other benefits, that I won’t go into too much detail on right now


Bottom line… It’s VERY important


Best dietary source to get it from is Cod liver oil


And like I said you can supplement with it too


Just make sure that you get oil capsules (of D3) if you do though (as it’s a fat soluble Vitamin)


But the best source is the sun


So over the next few months be sure to expose as much of yourself as you can…


Without getting arrested


Just be sure NOT to burn!


If you are looking to supplement with it


My suggestion would be 5000IU’s in the winter


And at least 2500 in the summer


RDA’s are ridiculously low!


You would have to take a stupidly large amount to build up to a level of toxicity


It just won’t happen!


So if you want to avoid the long list of problems that come in part with a deficiency of Vit D then my advice to you would be:


One – To get decent exposure to sunlight at every available opportunity.


Two – To start taking a table spoon of Cod liver oil every day and at least 2500IU’s in supplement form (Oil capsules of D3)


You can always get a blood test done if you’re concerned about a deficiency


But we live in England so it’s highly unlikely that you’re already getting enough


Unless you’re already doing the things talked about


Tom ‘hot diggidy dog’ Kynaston


PS. Fitness Camp packages are set to change next month


So April will be the final time for you to get on board with how things are now


(They obviously stay the same for people already with us)


So if you’re looking to shape up for summer


And you want to get on board with one of the current packages


Then now’s the time to make a move


Just click here for the full details ->


I’m also thinking about doing a later evening camp


Around 7:15-8pm


Just a thought at the moment, but something I’d like to get an idea of demand for incase I decide to go ahead with it


So if you’re interested, or you know someone that would be


Just let me know :)


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