Man Crush - 18/3/15


I never usually admit to things like this


It’s not something that I generally share with people


But Ruslan has got me a little bit excited


See he’s just won our transformation competition at Fitness Camp and scooped himself the £150 prize


He’s ALSO just completed the Cambridge half marathon in his best time yet


(Hence the pic)


He’s ALSO lost 2 stone of body fat since he started training with us in the summer


He’s ALSO lost 2 jeans sizes!


Great work Ruslan!


Annnd he’s just left for a 2 week holiday in America to undo all of his hard work ;) (He wouldn’t do that really)


^^^ Does seem to like the number 2 though!


Anyways, as you may have guessed by now


Ruslan is one of only a handful of men we have at Fitness Camp


There are just 5 of us in total!


We are severely outnumbered!


We don’t mind really ;)


It is a massively female dominated environment though


But that doesn’t mean that it’s just for girls


See the training will work for men aswell


I guess we’re a bit like Yorkies


More catered to one sex but we still work for the other


So if you and hubby/partner/brother want to come along together


To try things out


Just let them know that they won’t be the only one there


Unless Ruslan decides not to come back ;)


And the rest of us drop out


Seriously though… we appreciate the male company!




Look, I know you may not aspire to run a marathon anytime soon


Maybe you just want to lose a clothes size or 2 to feel more comfortable in the summer


Or just develop some healthy habits (and the weight loss that comes with them) over a sustainable period of time


We all have a ‘level’ that we’d like to take this whole ‘weight loss thing’ to


But whatever it is... We’ll get you there!


In a completely non-intimidating




As simple as possible




Tom ‘not just for girls’ Kynaston


(Sorry there’s a couple of PS’s on this one)


PS - 1) April the 6th is that start of our last Fitness Camp before our packages change


If you want to get on board with one of the current packages then this will be your last chance!


PS - 2) Due to limited spaces at camp and wanting to ensure suitability to the program, you will now be required to fill in an application form prior to signing-up (trial week or paid)


PS - 3) We are giving away 5 FREE spaces for next month’s Fitness Camp (starting the 6th)


If you want to be in with a chance of winning one of these simply click here -> 


- Scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions


Sorry for the info overload!


Do let me know if you have any questions


-Committed to your weight loss, fat loss and muscle toning success-


PS - 4) I don't fancy Ruslan really... Well maybe a little bit


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