That time of year again - 23/1/15


They must seriously LOVE it when this rolls around!


I know I would if I was sitting at the top


Time to pay taxes for the self-employed




I love paying taxes nearly as much as I love getting laid, or getting you lot MASSIVE results!


^^^ Can you smell that sarcasm cooking?


Anyways, it has to be done.


So I submitted all of my paperwork to my accountant on Wednesday to let him do my book keeping and accounts


Noting like last minute ay!


The thing is…


I could do it myself


But I don’t for 3 reasons:


1)I don’t have the time and it will massively stress me out trying to get it done amongst everything else… My hairs already thin!


2)I may miss things or not do it as well as he does (he’s a pro)


3)I like to do the very best I can at MY job and pay someone else to do theirs. I guess that’s me doing my bit for the economy.


And here’s how this relates to you my lover


You see, with the book keeping in itself there’s a little less to understand than with exercise and nutrition


Really just man hours


But here’s the thing when it comes to fat loss and exercise:


Have you got loads of extra time to go to the gym and guess at something that MIGHT work for you?


Are you prepared to put massive amounts of effort into something that COULD get you results (or leave you severely frustrated with lack of)


Are you passionately interested in learning about training?


You see. I’m sure my accountant LOVES numbers...


I don’t, so I leave it to him


Do you love exercise and know what works?


I do.


I pay someone to their job and you pay someone to do theirs (in most cases)


I guess that’s what makes the world turn


You wouldn’t try to fix your own teeth or eyes would you?!


So let me fix your weight loss problems


I’ll even give you one week completely FREE to prove to you that I can do that


Maybe I’ll try and get a free week from my accountant too ;)


Anyways our next Fitness Camp starts on the 9th of Feb and we are filling up!


If you’d like a space reserved or would like to try out our completely free and non-obligatory trial week then let me know asap


Remember you will learn EVERYTHING that you need to know within that time


So if you don’t fancy paying me to do my job at the end of it, then you can do your own accounts


And please remember that you have nothing to worry about!


You won’t be the slowest


You won’t get left behind


You won’t be shown up


We are one big happy family at camp… seriously!




Nothing but good vibes and positivity.


If you don’t feel completely comfortable then you can leave straight away


But it won’t happen!


Just let me know if you want in


Tommy '8s' Taxies :)


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