VIDEO - You're going to love this! - Fake carbs


Check out this quick 2 minute 'life-hack' video that I put together the other day!


It's a crafty way for you to be able to eat carbs and burn fat at the same time.


Most people know that in order for you to effectively burn fat, your carbohydrate intake needs to be reasonably low.


But with this little 'tool' you can still eat pasta as regular as clockwork, whilst simultaneously burning fat and getting back into shape.


I hope you find it useful :)


Tom 'Spinny Spiral' Kynaston

PS. We're now taking spaces for our next Fit Camp block starting on the 9th of March.


As we're now getting pretty full at Camp now there's a few less available than before.


So act quickly if you'd like to 'shape up for summer'


I'm also considering taking a deposit for trial weeks in the not so distant future (due to lack of no shows), so if you'd like to get on board before this comes into play then get your space down as soon as you can.


Just click here to claim your place ->


Please only do so if you're 100% serious about coming though...



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