Why I like it dirty 1/2/15


And why my clients do too!


Get your mind out of the gutter you dirty so and so ;P


Let me xxxplain…


I had a P.T. consultation on Thursday… A lady wanting to look her best… Pretty standard practice really


And my ideal kind of client!


Knows what she wants, seems prepared to train hard to get there


A new challenge!


But the studio where my one-on-one training takes place was abit of a mess and I didn’t have time to clean it


I’m not talking unknown marks on the floor or blood stains up the walls but it wasn’t ‘polished’ and ‘aligned’


But here’s why I decided that it DIDN’T matter:


If someone decides that they don’t want to train with me because our training environment isn’t pristine, then they’re not training with me for the right reasons


They’d be better off at a gym.


Where the pretty machines are


You see I train people for RESULTS!


Very specifically I train people for fat loss and muscle toning results… that’s my forte


And if they’re not serious about getting results then they would be better off in a place that prides themselves on spit polished surfaces


I also train people that don’t take themselves too seriously


Yes, seriously when it comes to doing the exercises required, following the nutrition plan and doing what needs to be done to make massive changes


But not afraid to crack a smile and have a giggle


i.e. They can have a laugh at the title of this email without taking offence


Other than that my doors are open to anyone.


Results first


Light heartedness second


Things that don’t matter last


That’s just how I do things


Have a great weekend!


Tom ‘work hard with a pinch of salt’ Kynaston


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^^^ Bit of a mouthful


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You’ll need to be quick now though


PPS. She signed-up… Obviously results are her thang ;)


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