Why would anyone TRY to lose weight?! 12/12/14


























This is my attempt in getting people to forget about how much they weigh in 2015! :)


Weight is such an 'oldskool', overused and almost USELESS means to track your body composition & the way you look.


It can be misleading, disheartening and almost DAMAGING!


So this is my attempt in getting you to forget about what the scales say as you start your mission to get in shape in the new year!


I would love to show you the exact way to burn FAT (not weight specifically, although depending on your current state of health it's more than likely you will) in the quickest and most effective way possible in 2015.


Our FREE trial week starts on the 12th of January and is filling up fast!


Just incase there is any confusion as to what is involved I'll lay it out quickly.


  • 3 FREE x 45 minute group personal training sessions

  • A FREE 7 day 'get fit fast' meal plan

  • A FREE full starter pack including nutrition guidelines etc.

  • Full accountability to the workouts and results

  • Losing a number of cm's of BODYFAT (and weight! :O - Everyone loses weight to start off with when they clean up they're diet - Between 4-8lbs generally)


And the chance for us to prove to you that we are absolutely the only way to go if you're looking to get into the best shape of your life in the New Year.


We even give you a full money back guarentee on results! <- Our results are proven on this site...


Just let me know asap if you would like a space. If you leave it much longer I'm sure it will be too late.


And I would love to help you out :)



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