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And the only Personal Training programme in Cambridge, that ensures you achieve the stated results (adhering to all guidelines) or your money back

The most effective fat burning, weight losing and muscle toning Personal Training solution in Cambridge!

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Coral - has lost nearly 4 stone and 3 clothes sizes so far...
Katherine - lost 4 clothes sizes, 3 stone and 1 meter of body fat with Cambridge Bootcamp
  • Do you struggle with sticking to a plan of exercise and getting results?

  • Do you get seriously fed up with being out of shape and feeling tired all of the time? And suffer a lack of confidence due to body shape & size?

  • Do you wish there was something that you could do that would take all of the guess work out of losing weight and toning up? Making getting back into shape ridiculously easy and even enjoyable. 

If the answer is yes, then Cambridge Bootcamp - 'Feel Fit Camp' is your solution!

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6 Week Transformation Challenge Showcase


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Karen - has lost nearly 3 clothes sizes and 2 stone in 12 weeks...

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Ceri-Ann - Started training with us in June 2014, after finding that her current weight-loss program wasn't really working for her. She lost over 4 clothes sizes, 5 stone and 1 meter of body fat in the lead up to her wedding!
cambridge personal training

 watch Ceri-Ann's testimonial video here

Kelly - has lost 2 and a half stone and 2 clothes sizes in 9 weeks...

 watch Kelly's testimonial video here

Complete Training Benefits of Cambridge Fitness Bootcamp:

Want to be our next success story?

  • Dramatic reductions in weight and body fat. An entire body composition overhaul.

  • Enormous improvements in cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.

  • A complete reversal in general health and the way you feel, as well as the way you look.

  • Fired up immunity – Say goodbye to regular illness.

  • Bundles of energy – No more struggling to get up in the mornings, or nearly falling asleep

      come mid-afternoon.

  • A massive increase in confidence as a result of your transformation.

  • Large improvements or elimination of aches and pains.

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We are now taking applications for our next 6 week challenge

  • The powerful motivation and support of an entire group of people behind you… All like-minded and with the same goals.

  • Using our proven training system XR-2.5 - Cambridge Bootcamp - 'Feel Fit Camp' is guaranteed to give you the fastest, most effective, fat loss and toning results possible.

  • Exercise, nutrition, accountability and every other factor effecting your success… All taken care of!

  • Expert advice 24-7. Structured & progressive workouts all done for you, and easy to follow nutrition guidelines that ensure you get results.


Monday - 6.25-7.15AM / 9.40-10.30AM / 6.10-7.00PM

Tuesday - 6.25-7.15AM

Wednesday - 6.25-7.15AM /

9.40-10.30AM / 6.10-7.00PM

Thursday - 6.25-7.15AM

Friday - 6.25-7.15AM / 9.40-10.30AM /


Saturday - 7.25-8.15AM

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